Q. Is BeyondXML available in other languages?
A. At the moment BeyondXML is only available in English; other major languages will be added later on.

Q. I lost the product's license code, what should I do?
A. Please contact us at info@beyondxmlsolutions.com with details you provided when you registered (name and the same email address), and we'll send your license code again.

Q. I can't find the User Guide
A. Please look in http://www.BeyondXMLSolutions.com/Content/UserFiles/Upload/Libra_UG.pdf

Q. Which platform do you support?
A. Today, BeyondXML editor runs only on Windows. If you need another platform, please let us know at info@beyondxmlsolutions.com 

Q. How long do I get Support and Maintenance?
A. You get free support and maintenance for one year after activation of your product