Dynamic & flexible XML filtering

Beyond XML is the only XML editor that offers extensive dynamic & flexible XML filtering capabilities using various filtering criteria and built-in filtering operators. It allows you to customize filtering to your personal needs and have extensive control over hiding and displaying xml types, elements and properties in XML trees.

Search field

Start typing criteria and watch immediate results as you type (only the XML tree branches containing values that match your criteria are displayed). 

Enhance your entered criteria with useful built-in tools:

XML filter - Hide/Display properties in XML trees

Create hide/display filtering rules by selecting elements and then determine what to hide/display:

XML Filtering

Once you create filtering rules you can edit them easily and flexibly:

XML Filtering

Or add another rule:

Or add another rule

Built-in filtering operators

Use common built-in filtering operators such as AND, OR, EQUAL/NOT EQUAL, LESS THAN/GREATER THAN and many others to create customized queries.